Marcus Cordale

Marcus Cordale has disguised herself as a boy as long as she can remember. After being conscripted into the Ortheran Army, a series of battlefield promotions make her the acting commander. Does she have what it takes to survive?

Love Interests

Mechanist James Collier

James is an exubarant and optimistic young mechanic. A genius with mechanisms, his inventions are a great boon to the Ortheran Army.

Nicholas Cordale

Sir Nicholas is your adoptive brother. The harsh realities of war have hardened him into a bitter man. Is your innocent childhood companion still hidden inside him?

Prince Alastor

Prince Alastor is the powerful but silly son of the Mad King Kendrick.

Spymaster Fox

Fox is a mysterious and shadowy figure, an expert in espionage and intelligence. He is rarely seen except by the most perceptive.

Archmagus Rubus Súrion

A powerful magician from a foreign land, Rubus is a stern and commanding man of many secrets.

Head Cleric Lucius Bourchier

More than just a priest, Lucius is a master of medical matters and healing magic. He commands a small force of medics.